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At a time when our current housing situation is becoming more difficult, an alternative way of living is also becoming more appealing!! We are looking for a cleaner and more eco friendly approach in keeping with the times , our Tiny Houses may just be the solution.

At a time when all concerns are turning to eco-responsible behavior, the Tiny Houses are doing well and offering alternative services for a lifestyle that meets your needs. 

What is a Tiny House?

By definition, a tiny house is an autonomous,movable, ecological and comfortable house that offers multiple uses and possibilities. A tailor- made dream that Sunflower can make a reality.

A turnkey project with no surprises that will allow you to put down your suitcases, move around, travel or even optimise your existing space.

Choose an alternative room for your professional activity, an eco-responsible tiny house project that will give a new boost of modernity to your profession.





Your tailor-made dream ...

Benefit from a wide range of movable and self sufficient houses.
Choose from our elite range of tiny houses or design your own interior by opting for our ‘Shell’

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workshop log

Browse our various articles and find all our projects to date: simple and friendly moments where you can share our journey and experience on building tiny houses.

workshop log

Browse our various articles and find all our participatory projects: simple and friendly moments where we share with you our experience on tiny houses.
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