Are you looking for an unconventional and atypical home? Today, housing takes many forms and there are several alternatives to the traditional house or apartment. Whether you want more freedom and autonomy, want to save money, or even adopt a more environmentally friendly lifestyle, get to know a unique and ecological concept: the tiny house.

Build a tiny house for individual person

This small nomadic and economical house lets you see the country, while having the comfort and equipment necessary for everyday life at your fingertips. The many advantages of the tiny house will not stop making you love this brand new way of life and travel which is attracting more and more French people. An optimized layout, operational autonomy, a relationship closer to nature … Discover the tiny house, your future alternative and modular home.


Minimalism seems to be becoming a new art of living that is increasingly popular in France and abroad. Encouraged by reasoned and reasonable consumption, and the desire for a lifestyle more respectful of the environment, minimalism seems to want to get rid of the superfluous and return to a simpler everyday life. And that’s all that the tiny house offers, an autonomous and ecological house, whose dimensions allow only room for the essential.

Used as a primary or secondary residence, or even as an office or professional room, the tiny is a new eco-responsible housing solution, in response to current and future environmental issues. For those who wish to reduce their ecological footprint and enjoy daily life surrounded by nature, the tiny house will be the ideal alternative accommodation.

The tiny house is generally made of wood, particle board and natural insulation, ecological materials that meet the requirements of economical and modern wooden constructions. In addition, the autonomy of a tiny house allows it to operate without necessarily being connected to water and electricity networks. With the installation of solar panels or rainwater treatment tanks, it is quite possible to live daily while saving energy consumption, as well as your monthly bill. The tiny house therefore appears to be one of the ecological housing solutions par excellence.

Beyond its environmental impact, the tiny house also offers an ideal living environment for those who love contact with nature. By the sea, in the heart of a forest or at the foot of the mountains, it follows you wherever you want, for great adventures while having at hand the ideal refuge, the tiny house.

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Looking for a more independent lifestyle? Ready to hit the road with your whole house on your back and enjoy new scenery on a regular basis? Some tiny houses are completely modular and transportable to change the air as you see fit. By choosing this way of life, you enjoy a mobile home and the freedom to travel on a daily basis, far from the constraints of a traditional home.

For many tiny house dwellers, this freedom of movement is their greatest strength. Indeed, with this type of alternative accommodation, you discover the world in complete autonomy and in all seasons, not only during the holidays! The whole house is designed to be able to travel simply in an economical and nomadic way, taking all its habitat with you, provided you have the right trailer and the right vehicle.

To be able to move your tiny house in a simple and accessible way, the mobility of the micro-house is subject to certain construction constraints. Indeed, the size of the house must be adapted to traffic on the roads. Its dimensions and weight, as well as that of the trailer, are therefore regulated by law. This is why choosing a tailor-made trailer may be ideal depending on the model of your tiny house. To transport your house, you will also need a suitable vehicle, sufficiently heavy and powerful.

In short, after learning a few basics about building and moving your tiny house, you will finally be ready to hit the roads with your ecological home on hand, ready to discover new landscapes to live in every day.

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